Sing Again Syren are a rock and roll power trio from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Formed by guitarist and vocalist Eliza Lee towards the end of 2018, the band have embarked on a mission to breathe new life into the sounds and styles of the classic rock era. Bassist, Laila Riley and drummer, Hattie Steel complete the line up by lending their unique blend of heavy rock, blues and funk inspired playing to the group's signature sound. With a growing reputation for stunning live performances that transport audiences to the heart of the golden age of rock, Sing Again Syren combine a huge range of influences from Led Zeppelin to Fleetwood Mac and from Howlin' Wolf to Royal Blood. 

The band released their bold and heavy debut single 'Kiss The Preacher' in January of 2019. Recorded in an old church, the track gained attention for its darkness, offering a challenge to preconceptions surrounding the 'girl band' sound. This was followed by their second single 'Cast Away' which secured further features from BBC Introducing and Louder Sounds.


 Sing Again Syren now move in to their second year as a group having already opened shows for the likes of guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert, the critically acclaimed She Drew The Gun and blues rock powerhouse, Jared James Nichols. Their notoriety as a live act has also seen the band attain spots at the two largest music festivals in the North East: Hit The North and This Is Tomorrow. 

Sing Again Syren now further claim their hard rock heritage with the release of their debut EP 'Time Is A Trip' on the 29th of February 2020.

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